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T-way(Shanghai)Industrial Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Lujiazui Financial District, ShanghaiFree Trade Zone.

The company is a modern company,integrated with engineering design, technical research, fabrication,installation and maintenance service, and especially concentrates on advanced technology research and application for insulation field. The company is equipped with advanced international inspection equipments and research facilities.

Centering on the basic state policy and strategic guideline of energy conservation and emission reduction, greenbuilding and low carbon economy, the company conducts transformation, upgradingand independently researches and develops “T-way” cellular glass with advanced technology and fabrication methods which endows it with features of fire resistance and permanent corrosion and water resistance and becomes the best insulation material with bright future.

“T-way” cellular glass is with excellent features of stable cold insulation under harsh working condition,non-toxic, non-pollution and obvious energy-saving effect, plays critical role in national economy development and energy-saving field, provides the most precious products for national strategic energy reserve, LNG tanks andpipelines, LNG Carriers, petrochemical equipments, air separation facilities, deculturation in power plant, building structure, underground engineering and etc, achieves great social and economic benefits and casts far-reaching effects to national energy conservation and environmental protection. The company had implemented ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System and ISO18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, and is also equipped with anti-corrosion and insulation certificate, Classification society certificates and safety production license.

Our company cooperates with world-famous manufacturers to provide cellular glass tothe global market, and the products and services are taking the leading position in the natural gas, petroleum, coal chemical industry, clean energy,offshore platforms and other market fields. Our company's technical service center has engineers trained to contact with foreign customers quickly and to provide after-sales technical services such as training, commissioning,maintenance and repair for customers.

With high level professional technical sales team, our company not only provide domestic customers with high-quality cellular glass, but also actively participate in overseas markets, and take a place in overseas markets with outstanding and extraordinary strength. Our biggest challenge is to adapt tothe needs of our customers, to adapt to different countries, different logistics,and different requirements of customers. We have won the trust and wide acclaim of users at home and abroad in the industry, have high praise, influence and good reputation. 

We believe in that: professional technical support, assured sales service, timely product supply, and preferential market prices, can create a first-class brandimage for customers, and strive to become an industry leader.